This series of photos takes a look at what a big difference it makes when you work with a professional photographer.

Though this is a beautiful home this picture is not doing it justice.

Now this picture says "Welcome Home".

A pool is definitely a desirable feature, however in this photo it is not highlighted as such.

Though there are still flaws with this listing photo it does showcase the pool in a much better light!

This bathroom looks dingy and dark.

Where as this bathroom looks like a great place to relax after a long day.

This Living Room looks dark and dreary. 

This Living Room looks inviting and cozy.

This is a Dining Room Don't!

However, this is a Dining Room Do!

This over exposed photo is not highlighting this great game room.

Now this looks like a place you could hang out with friends!

This Bedroom looks dated and drab.

Where as this Bedroom looks like a great place to rest your head. 

I hope this post was enlightening, at the Fry Group we work exclusively with professional photographers when listing a home. If you are looking to sell soon or if you have any questions on who we recommend please contact us!